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Call for Solutions

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Technologies that truly
make a difference

The Italian insurance market for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is among the most under-served in Europe. In 2020, many SMEs encountered significant difficulties and their turnover has been severely affected due to the pandemic. Poste Italiane considers SMEs to be a very important customer segment for its insurance services and to make the most of its potential, a targeted and digitized value proposition is needed, as well as solutions designed for customers’ specific needs, especially when it comes to insurance claim.

Poste Italiane and LVenture Group

join forces, because innovation matters.


Poste Italiane is the largest Italian company in the logistics sector and a leading provider for financial, insurance and payment services.

Together with PosteVita, the insurance group of Poste Italiane, we aim to carry out two Proof of Concept with use cases in product and claims areas for the

SME target

LVenture Group is a holding company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, the first and only One-Company of Venture Capital. Since 2013, it manages the Startup Accelerator LUISS EnLabs.

We are committed to make the best out of this call, in a very relevant sector for nowadays digital innovation, such as InsurTech. We will rely on our know-how on selecting the most promising startups and the methodologies we apply on our Acceleration Programs.

At Work

The Program

We are looking for innovative digital solutions that can improve the insurance offer of Poste Italiane Group for Small and Medium Enterprises, in the insurance product and claims area.

The call is open to both Italian and International startups. They must be already incorporated and have raised at least one seed round. We are looking for startups with relevant market traction, an established customer portfolio and a use case compliant with the Poste Italiane context.

The aim is to digitize the insurance industry as well as provide customers with increasingly personalized products and services, this Program will select the most effective InsurTech solutions InsurTech solutions and test then with Poste Italiane.

Phase 1

Call for solutions

  • Applications will be open between July 5th, 2021 and September 27th, 2021

Final event

  • Final event will be held on October 14th, 2021. The 5 selected startups will join a final event and the winners will be proclaimed.

Phase 3

Phase 2

Pre selection

  • The top startups will be pre-selected on October 11th, and interviewed to identify the 5 most interesting solutions.

Phase 4

PoCs for winners

  • The winning solutions will carry out a

  • 3 months-PoC with Poste Italiane.

At Work


We are looking for InsurTech solutions and tools to face two specific challenges:


Identify solutions to engage SMEs with digital tools to best match the insurance offer with their specific needs.
We welcome solutions that allow a self-check-up to minimize the business risk and a different price range according to the company’ size; solutions that exploit Web Open Data and external databases, carrying out sentiment analysis to better understand the customer.


Identify digital solutions to let SMEs rapidly manage the claim and its consequences, facilitating communication with the insurance company.
We are very interested in platforms and Apps with end-to-end management - such as certified photographs and video appraisal - along with integrated ecosystems of partner services to fix the damage quickly and easily.


Are you ready to change the game?

The Benefits

The winning solutions will carry out a Proof of Concept with Poste Italiane. The Proof of Concept will last three months, with the aim of scaling up within the Poste Italiane Group.

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