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#2   winners

Insoore and Cyberangels won the contest and they are ready to take the Insurtech market.

The two digital companies will start their PoC with Poste Italiane and Poste Assicura for three months.

Andrea Toponi


CEO Cyberangels

Cyberangels is a startup based in Milan that offers an insurance self-check-up service to help customers understand the major risks of their business and be able to identify the right coverage

Enrico Scianaro

CEO Insoore

Insoore is an insurtech startup focused on the digitization and innovation of claims management. Insoore redesigned the whole claims management process to make it simpler and faster for all parties involved, combining tech infrastructure and community. This allows time and costs' optimization for customers and a better customer experience for the policyholders.

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