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SME Insurtech Call for Solutions


1. What are the goals of the Call?


Poste Italiane and LVenture Group (LVG) are looking for digital solutions that can improve the insurance offer of Poste Italiane Group for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our target solutions will be sought in relation to innovative insurance products and the claims area. For more information you can visit the Poste Italiane web site and the Poste Italiane 2024 Sustain & Innovate industrial plan


2. Which language should be used to finalize the application?


The application should be finalized in English.


3. How many startups will be selected?


Poste Italiane and LVG can select up to 5 startups (maximum) for the Final Event. Then, Poste Italiane could identify up to 2 out of these 5 startups as winners and start a POC with them. However, it also reserves the possibility not to choose any winning solution if no startups have been considered in target with the Call’s challenges.

4. Are there some minimum requirements for a startup to be selected?


The call is open to both Italian and international startups. Minimum requirements are:


  • The startup must be incorporated

  • The startup must have raised at least one seed round.


Furthermore, recruiters will consider all startups with significant market traction, a proven customers portfolio and a customized Use Case for Poste Italiane's challenges.

5. Are there any additional information about the Call’s challenges?




Identify solutions to engage SMEs with digital tools to best match the insurance offer with their specific needs.


Customer expectations

  • Insurance products for SMEs often do not fully meet the customer needs because both the target customers and their needs are very heterogeneous

  • To differentiate the pricing, it needs to know more the customer in detail (e.g., local square footage, latest certification on fire regulations). Furthermore, in the stipulation phase, it is difficult to verify the effective solidity of the insured on the basis of the data provided by the customer


Possible solutions

  • Tools to encourage the use of insurance products to reduce the business risk.

  • Solutions for price differentiation according to the customer needs, their size, reputation and solidity, allowing them to choose which guarantees to buy and with which ceilings

  • Tools that allow the insurance company to easily integrate with external databases to increase customer knowledge (eg: CRIF, Cerved) and on web open data (e.g., sentiment analysis)

  • Solutions that allow an insurance self-check-up to help the clients understand which are the major risks of their business, and the insurance company to identify which coverage to propose

  • ….




Identify digital solutions to let SMEs easy and rapidly manage the claim and its consequences, facilitating communication with the insurance company.


Customer expectations

  • The SME customer wants to be increasingly assisted and guided in the claim management. He wants to feel like a “partner" of the insurance company

  • The SME target needs to quickly solve the claim, which can significantly affect its turnover


Possible solutions

  • Simple, smart and fast solutions for claims management, such as end-to-end app management

  • Tools to quickly carry out appraisals via digital channels (e.g., certified photographs, video appraisal)

  • Solutions that allow to build an ecosystem of partners to be proposed to the customer either in the event of a claim, or to restore a damage as soon as possible (e.g., emergency response companies in the event of a fire)

  • ...

6. May a startup apply to both challenges with two different solutions?


Yes, but it is necessary to make two separate applications specifying the two use cases.


7. What is the deadline to apply to the call?

Applications will be open between July 5th, 2021 and September 27th, 2021.


8. What happens if your startup will be selected? Which is the Call’s benefit?


The final winner will benefit to carry out a Proof of Concept with Poste Italiane supported by LVenture Group. The Proof of Concept will last three (3) months and will aim to scale up within the Poste Italiane Group.


9. Will the Call promoters communicate detailed feedback on the outcome of the applications?


No, the promoters of the call will just communicate if you have been selected or not.


10. What are the next steps after applying to the program?


Poste Italiane and LVenture Group will contact a pre-selection of startups for additional information. All startups that are not selected will be notified by LVenture Group within 14th of October.

For more detailed information, please click here for the dedicated Terms & Conditions section



If You have any additional questions, please get in touch at

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